Addiction and Substance Use Does Not Make You a Bad Person

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Many people who use or abuse drugs or alcohol often have misconceptions about themselves – thinking that they are “bad people” and that they can never change.

Feelings of shame, worthlessness, and guilt are common factors that often influence a person’s decision to ask for help. Do not allow these negative thoughts and feelings to keep you from seeking help. Addiction and/or substance use does not make you a “bad person”. It makes you human and real – among the tens of thousands who suffer from the issues relating to substance abuse. Many people who relapse consider it a “failure” and “the end” of their chances to change – another misconception. Relapse is merely a setback that can be overcome with the right help and support.

So, if substance use has become an issue or if you suffer with the disease of addiction
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The Knight in a Game of Chess, can only move left, forward, and right. Only the Knight can leap over obstacles. In life, we face many obstacles and situations in which we must make choices. Sometimes the choices we make are “bad moves”. We cannot go back and change our choices or “moves”; however, they are just “moves”. They do not determine the path to your future. Chess requires strategy. Such is life. Change your path. Make THE RIGHT MOVE.

The Right Move, LLC provides adolescent and adult substance abuse and addiction counseling services in Lafayette, LA and the Acadiana area.

3 questions to ask during your free consultation

The Right Move, LLC provides free initial consultations so you can speak with us without obligation. We want you to feel comfortable with your substance abuse counselor in Lafayette, LA. The consultation can be done in-person or over-the-phone. During your discussion, it’s important that you get to know your counselor. We suggest asking the following three questions:

  1. Have you ever struggled with addiction or substance use issues?
  2. Why do I need Libby as my counselor?
  3. Will you judge me for my addiction or substance use?

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It is important that you feel comfortable with your counselor. The consultation can be done in-person or over-the-phone.
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