Discover the Underlying Issues

Discover the Underlying Issues

Contact us for addiction counseling in Lafayette, LA

Battling addiction is a terrifying challenge, but you don’t have to tackle it alone. The Right Move, LLC offers addiction counseling services in the Lafayette, LA area. We’ll help you understand and fight your addition. We’ll identify your problems and find out what causes you to engage in addictive behavior.

There are ways to cope with your addiction while finding a path to recovery. Call 337-456-5888 today to learn more about substance abuse counseling in Lafayette, LA.

We’ll help you through the recovery process

Our licensed substance abuse counselor understands what you’re going through. She faced her own challenges with addiction before training and going to work in the substance abuse field. With compassion and empathy, she can help you:

  • Evaluate your addiction problem
  • Create goals and treatment plans
  • Find a job or reestablish your career
  • Provide progress reports to courts
  • Refer you to local support groups
Each patient’s situation is different. Contact The Right Move today to get individualized addiction counseling services in Lafayette, LA.