We’ll Help You Find the Right Path

We’ll Help You Find the Right Path

Get addiction treatment in Lafayette, LA

Overcoming addictive behavior can be a life-long struggle. While everyone has their own hurdles to overcome, the first step involves getting help. The Right Move, LLC offers addiction treatment in Lafayette, LA. We’ll work to put you on the road to recovery.

Finding the right treatment is essential. We offer addiction treatment designed to help you:

  • Stop using drugs or alcohol
  • Stay alcohol or drug-free
  • Be a productive member of your family, work team and society
Addiction is a complex condition, but you can get help from a qualified substance abuse therapist. Contact The Right Move today to get started with addiction treatment in Lafayette, LA.

You aren’t in this fight alone

Our substance abuse therapist will approach your personal struggle with compassion and empathy. She’s been on a similar pathway before. Her own battles led her to become an addiction counselor. Libby understands that everyone has a different story. Find your pathway to recovery by contacting The Right Move for addiction assistance in Lafayette, LA. Call today.