Substance Abuse & Addiction Counseling for Lafayette, LA and the Acadiana area

Meet Libby, our Licensed Addiction Counselor.

Elizabeth “Libby” Gardner is a Licensed Addiction Counselor and the owner of The Right Move, LLC.

Having overcome many challenges and “bad moves” in her life, including addiction, Libby is very familiar with the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that a person experiences when they are struggling and when they are at a loss as to what to do about it.

She is a survivor and has genuine compassion and empathy for her clients.

Libby also has very high expectations of her clients because she believes in their ability to succeed, regardless of their past or their present situation or circumstances.

Having been an educator for almost twelve years, Libby also has experience working with adolescents and parents.

In addition to addiction and substance abuse counseling, Libby can provide prevention counseling, early intervention counseling, and substance use/drug and alcohol education for clients and their families.

It’s Never Too Late To Make The Right Move.

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The Right Move LLC Substance Abuse Counseling and Addiction Counseling

The Knight in a Game of Chess can only move left, forward, and right. Only the Knight can leap over obstacles. In life, we face many obstacles and situations in which we must make choices. Sometimes the choices we make are “bad moves”. We cannot go back and change our choices or “moves”; however, bad “moves” do not determine the path to your future. Chess requires strategy. Such is life. Change your path. Make THE RIGHT MOVE.

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