Adolescent Substance Use and Addiction Counseling in Lafayette, LA and the Acadiana Area

If your child is struggling with substance abuse, you are not alone. We are here to help. Our Licensed Addiction Counselor at The Right Move, specializes in substance use prevention counseling, early intervention counseling, and substance use/drug and alcohol education for clients and their families.

Libby has almost twelve years of experience as a former educator and is experienced in the counseling of adolescents. Clients and their families are in capable hands. She is a very dedicated, determined counselor and a person who truly cares about her clients and their families.

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At THE RIGHT MOVE, families will receive educational information and resources to assist them in learning the most effective ways to talk to their teen about MAKING BETTER CHOICES, CHOOSING THE BEST PEERS, REMAINING DRUG/ALCOHOL FREE

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The Right Move LLC Substance Abuse Counseling and Addiction Counseling

The Knight in a Game of Chess can only move left, forward, and right. Only the Knight can leap over obstacles. In life, we face many obstacles and situations in which we must make choices. Sometimes the choices we make are “bad moves”. We cannot go back and change our choices or “moves”; however, bad “moves” do not determine the path to your future. Chess requires strategy. Such is life. Change your path. Make THE RIGHT MOVE.

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